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Bahrain Best Burgers | Part 1

Who doesn’t love juicy BIG BURGERS!

well if you don’t then this post is just not for you…. we have started a series and a hunt on our channel looking  for Bahrain Best Burger spot…. but we are not just taking into consideration the burger, because for me it all about the full customer experience.

for part 1 we have visited:

1- Blaze Burger

2- Destination Burger

3- Londoner

4- Burger Lounge

and let me just start with they are all great and every place had it uniqueness if you get me :D…


well my personal favorite was Blaze burger it was amazing from the appetizer to the main course and the whole sitting ares: now the rest are also great but after all you must have a favorite one, and really loved the whole theme at the venue, with the great love and appreciation they have towards their customers (just loved how they have their first order receipt framed and hanging on their walls).

in-terms of the starter we went with angry friesFullSizeRender (8)

and reloaded and both were just so satisfyingly AMAZING, and after just a brief rest came the big juicy burgers which were just finished off perfectly with the lovely Blalaleet milkshake (you must try it)

FullSizeRender (7)

Now what didn’t I like from Blaze, the location is a prime location in Adliya, but parking their is always a headache, and in the weekends the traffic is just crazy that side!!

another thing I didn’t like was lack of dessert menu 🙁 and so our milkshakes were our desserts…

overall it was an amazing experience just loved it while filming….

but that’s just my personal taste check out the full video and tell me what do you think, which one from the great 4 is your favorite…….